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Madmax Academy of Dance

Mr. Madan
Madmax Academy of Dance

Madmax Academy of Dance (m.a.d) is a full-time dance company based in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Madan kumar is the proud Founder/Director of Madmax Academy of Dance (m.a.d). It is born from his vision to provide beginners through experts, the opportunity to study with top professionals and benefit from a pool of extensive knowledge in the dance world. m.a.d is dedicated to maintaining an uplifting, supportive and motivating environment in which to experience the joyous and transformational magic that is dance.

Madan Kumar shot to fame on the Indian Salsa scene 4 years ago and has become a strong Salsa force to reckon with. He started his dancing career in the year 2006 after completing his graduation as a Bachelor of Engineering. Madan strongly believes that every sound has a movement and every movement gives a sound hence lays emphasis on precise musicality.

He has also given many highly appreciated Salsa and Hip Hop choreographies which has received rave reviews from across the nation. His precise moves and unique style makes him one of the most sought choreographer/performer/instructor. His previous experience includes as a senior Instructor for LVDS(Bangalore), assistant director for Salsa-India (Mumbai), Artistic director for K-school of Performing Arts (Mumbai).

Currently he is the proud Founder/Director of Madmax Academy of Dance (m.a.d), India.

He has given workshops/choreography/performances for the festivals below

  1. Turkish international salsa festival 2009 (Turkey)
  2. Turkish international salsa festival 2010 (Turkey)
  3. Hong Kong salsa festival 2009 (Hong Kong)
  4. India International Salsa festival 2007 & 2008(India)
  5. Chennai Salsa festival 2008 (India)
  6. Bachata festival 2010 (India)
  7. Delhi Salsa get away 2010 (India)


  1. 1st place winner in all India Salsa Championships 2008
  2. Qualifier for the Espn World Salsa Championships 2008, Orlando
  3. Finalist in the hit reality dance show Dance Premier League
  4. Hip hop and Salsa Choreographer for many International dance festivals
  5. A World Class Certification as an 'All Level Salsa Instructor' by EDIE -The Salsa Freak (World renowned Salsa Instructor)
  6. Finalist in the Asian Open Salsa Championships 2009
  7. Has done several succesfull salsa and hip hop workshops across the country.
  8. Got Rave Reviews for his performances all over the country and abroad.
  9. Has judged for many prestigious events, includes recent Horlicks Wiz-kids 2011 by krayon, south asia's largest inter school cultural and literary fiesta