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DanceSport India

DanceSport India

Priti and Shanon

Dr. Priti Gupta and Shanon Benjamin are the founder members of DanceSport India which is Mumbais one of favorite Salsa and Dance classes. Over the period of 3 years it has grown into a team of talented trainers and batches across the length of the city.

Dr.Priti Gupta is a physiotherapist by profession and Shannon Benjamin an IT professional. Their love for DanceSport has seen them achieve remarkable feats. They are popularly known as Indias Golden Couple in the field of DanceSport. The overwhelming choreography and effortlessly graceful steps gives them a one up stance on any other Latin Duo in India.

They made history by being the first Indian couple to participate in the International DanceSport Federation World Latin Championship held in Singapore in 2006 and at the Indoor Asian Games 2007 with blessings and sponsorships from Mrs. Jaya Bachchan. And ever since, they havent looked back.

They have trained with numerous international trainers, examiners, adjudicators and world champions in various parts of the world. They also studied the Flamenco (A Spanish Gypsy dance from Southern Spain) under the Guidance of Rosanna Maya & Maria Del Sol in Malta.

They have competed in several international DanceSport Championships Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc and are steadily moving up the international rankings.

The duo won the All India Latin Special Competition at the Sansui Boogie Woogie on SONY Television in Jan 2008. Their visit to Hungary in Sept 2009 also brought them the opportunity to teach internationally. They are also trainers at grooming schools for Social Dancing etiquette, Poise & Posture development.

Dr. Priti apart from being a trained Bharat Natyam& Flamenco dancer has also featured in the Limca Book of Records for being a key participant in the World Longest Dance Party, dancing non-stop for 55 hours 15 Minutes. She has also been a part of theatre, for a brief period, for projects with MishtiVerma, Rajesh Shringarpure, Gunn Nayar, Tom Alter and has been a teacher to Pony Verma& Jennifer Winget.

Priti and Shannon have played a key role in choreographies for:

  • Pooja Bhatts Holiday starring Dino Morea & Onjolee Nair
  • Times Music Album Joombish for singer KunikaSadanandLall.
  • Universal Motion Pictures Production Music Album Sunoh- Starring Babul model-actress Urvashi Gandhi and Shannon playing the key dancer.

The duo has trained in all forms, and today train people in all forms of Latin American and Standard Ballroom Dances, namely Rumba, Samba, Cha Cha, Jive, Paso Doble, Bolero, Bossa Nova, Meringue, Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Bachata, Mambo, Foxtrot.

Roll of Honour:

  • 19th Lion City DanceSport Championship Singapore, Aug. 2006: Quarter Finals
  • 1st National DanceSport Championship New Delhi, Dec. 2006: Grade A Ranked 1st Gold Medal
  • Creative DanceSport Championship Malaysia, Jan. 2007: Ipoh Ranked 9th
  • Hong Kong Open DanceSport Championship July 2007: Ranked 5th
  • 2nd Indoor Asian Games Macau, Nov. 2007: Quarter Finals
  • Hong Kong Open DanceSport Championship March 2008: Ranked 2nd Silver Medal
  • Sri Lankan DanceSport Championship Colombo, Nov. 2008: Ranked 2nd Silver Medal
  • Supremacy Awards UK London, April 2009: Semi Finals
  • Sri Lankan DanceSport Championship Colombo, June 2009: Ranked 1st Gold Medal in 4 categories & Ranked 2nd Silver Medal in 4 categories.
  • ISIS Cup Hungary, Sept. 2009: Szombathley Finals Ranked 6th