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About Us

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Our inspiration stems as much from this age old adage as from the zeal to create a one stop destination for interesting people looking to do interesting things beyond the routine of a 9 to 5 job. The basic idea is to provide people with plentiful options to choose from in order to turn a dull and boring weekend into a lively and refreshing one.

Our goal is to list and provide bookings of various activities happening in and around your city. From dance to photography to cooking to yoga to handwriting analysis to painting to myriad other things which you were always excited about but never knew how to explore. Keeping this in mind, our mission is to connect people with those unique skills to others might want to learn. Sure we intend to provide fun for you during the weekend, but our main motto is to provide you with something meaningful to do, something that would bring you closer to yourself, something that would again incite the child-like curiosity in your life. Put simply, the following are the core services offered by us:

DISCOVER: You can discover and learn more about the best of participatory recreational activities, interests and getaways in your city If you want to indulge into any activity listed on our website or want to know more about the activity, you can simply do the same by clicking the ‘Enquire’ button and we will get in touch in you within 4 hours through email or phone(shortly you can book seat online as well !) Post reviews, Rate the activity/instructor, connect with likeminded friends who have similar interests

GET LISTED: If you are in the business of offering some unique experiences like dance, cooking, photography, creative arts or any other interesting activity you can submit your activity details for approval Once approved, list your activity and get ready to widen your customer outreach & connect Conduct an activity and thereby earn money and also in turn add color to people’s life and get true feedback from your customers

This venture is promoted by Audeo E Solutions Pvt. Ltd, which has been founded by IIT/IIM alumni who have extensive experience in creating online businesses. Contact details about our company can be found here. We believe the power of the internet is all about giving people the power to choose. Our over-arching vision is to provide a platform where like-minded people with various skills meet and create a mélange of fulfilling activities.