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Winter Camping - Panchgani

Winter Camping - Panchgani Blue Berry Trails

To be announced.
Last, took place on Sat, 22 Dec . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

A two-day trip - 22nd and 23rd December. Please see below for further pricing and schedule information.

Maharashtra (250kms from Mumbai)

Rs. 3000

A five hour drive from Mumbai will lead you to the wide open tablelands of Panchgani. A picturesque hill town located 4200 ft above sea level that is sure to get your senses alive and rejuvenated. Saturday Afternoon we settle in at our beloved campsite and then enjoy a sumptuous lunch by a strawberry field. After dessert and some rnr we head for a relaxing walk through a jungle trail that will wrap you in the serene beauty of Panchgani. On the way back to the campsite we head to the Mapro garden where you can indulge your sweet cravings with freshly prepared jams and melt in your mouth ice-creams. Saturday evening is for a crisp bonfire and conversations followed by dinner with a twist A DIY barbeque with the choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian fare. Sunday morning we head out to a quaint little breakfast place and then a trek down to a beautiful village called Wai... Or hey if an adrenaline rush is your thing you can go for a tandem paragliding trip too. So get away from the city life and de-stress amidst the quiet and tranquility of this small town nestled in the Ghats! Come away with us...

Trip essence: A weekend trip to a picturesque hill town with treks into the jungle, a campfire rendezvous and a choice to go paragliding.

Exploratory getaway to Panchgani: Camping by a valley Jungle trails Barbeque and campfire evening and so much more.

Where: Panchgani, Mahableshwar, Maharashtra
(250kms from Mumbai)

When: 22nd 23rd Dec

How Much: Rs 3000/4000 per person (Without/With travel)
Price is inclusive of:
Travel by ac car, stay, meals (lunch, evening tea, dinner, breakfast, lunch) and you will be well guided by our trip coordinator. Charges for Paragliding is NOT included.




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