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Weekend Getaway - Bhandardara

Weekend Getaway - Bhandardara Blue Berry Trails

To be announced.
Last, took place on Sat, 18 Aug . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

2 Days | 1 Night

Near Mumbai
Bhandardara, 185 kms from Mumbai

Rs. 4200

What Oye?

Nestled among the Sahyadri Hills, Bhandardara is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Roaring waterfalls, lush greenery and sky high mountains can be found everywhere. Bhandardara makes the soul smile. It sits by the Pravara River and is a perfect blend of nature and tranquility. If you are a lover of the mountains and adventure, this is the trip for you.

What more Oye?

Trip Essence

  • Slow travel through the Sahyadari Hills. Explore Bhandardara at your own pace.
  • Enjoy beautiful vistas of waterfalls, lush greenery and mountains, coupled with the smiles of the local people.
  • Visit Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Reserve, Arthur Lake, Wilson Dam, Panjra Falls, Randha Falls, Ghatghar and Konkankada Valley, Stunning views of Mt. Kalsubai.
  • Enjoy authentic cuisine prepared by the locals.
  • A glimpse into the lives of the people of Bhandardara.

Trip Plan

  • Depart Mumbai at 7: 00 am on Saturday, July 28th
  • Arrive in Bhandardara at 11: 00 am
  • Relax at the homestay before heading out for the day's adventure
  • Lunch at 1: 00 pm
  • Start exploring Bhandardara at 2: 00 pm
  • Village dinner at 9: 00 pm
  • Breakfast on the following day at 9: 00 am
  • Short trek from 11: 00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Depart for Mumbai at 2: 00 pm on Sunday, July 29th

Price inclusive of:

  • Transfer from and back to Mumbai in AC cars.
  • Stay in a basic homestay.
  • Specified meals (Lunch, Evening Tea and Dinner on the 28th. Breakfast on the 29th)
  • All activities and transportation within Bhandardara.

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