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Trip to Naneghat with Blueberry Trails

Trip to Naneghat with Blueberry Trails Blue Berry Trails

To be announced.
Last, took place on Sat, 29 Dec . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

Naneghat. Please check below for more details.

Near Mumbai

Rs. 1650

On the 29th of Dec we are heading on a One Day Rock Climbing Trip To Naneghat!

Trekking to the Naneghat fort - ROCK CLIMBING on the way up - Exploring the fort and marvelous view from the top, Exploring the Naneghat caves and rappelling on the way down, a jungle trek if your up for it - is what this trip is all about.

Trip Details

Trip essence: A one day rock climbing adventure on the weekend with a trip to the Naneghat fort and the Naneghat caves.


Exploratory adventure to Naneghat: Rock climbing, exploring the caves and fort there as well a jungle trek on the way back down if you choose to do so.


Naneghat, Ghatghar, Maharashtra (200 kms from Mumbai)


29th Dec

How Much:

Rs 1650 per person
Price is inclusive of: Travel by bus and meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks), equipment required for the rock climbing activity and you will be well guided by our trip coordinator.




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