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Trek to Avachitgad

Trek to Avachitgad Odati

To be announced.
Last, took place on Sun, 01 Jul . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

One day trek

Near Mumbai
Avachitgad, 130 kms from Mumbai

Rs. 1500

What Oye?

Avachitgad is located about 130 kms from Mumbai in the South Konkan region. Nestled along the banks of the Kundalika river, lies the small town of Roha. Travel a further 5km, and we hit upon the village of Medhe. A small temple of Lord Vitthal greets us as we get set along a narrow path that winds upward to Avchitgad.

If you havent fallen in love with the lush, green, gorgeous Sahyadris yet; you will this time.

In their own words, the description of the trip:

Negotiating the thick vegetation and a couple of confusing turns, we gain steady elevation. An easy 1.5 hours and 1000 ft. later, we chance upon the large entrance to the fort. A rock - cut carving of a horse greets us at the main gate of the fort. The route ahead leads to several water tanks, but the water here is not potable. With frogs, dragon flies and small stone temples nearby, they definitely present a good photo opportunity though! Avchitgad is one of the more elaborate forts with plenty of cannons and fortifications for us to explore. Curiously enough, it is also one of the very few forts with no caves at the top!

If we are lucky enough, the Vitthal temple at Medha will be hosting a lunch, thanks its many devotees. That would be the perfect opportunity for us to feast on delicious home-made rice, curry and pickles after our climb down!

On our way back, we drive along the coast for a while; admiring the fury of the rain and the lashing waves. As we pass Murud, Kashid and Alibaug; the sun plays hide-and-seek with the clouds and reluctantly disappears into the horizon somewhere along the way.

What more Oye?

  • Destination: Avachitgad
  • Region: Konkan
  • Approx kms from Mumbai: 130
  • Confirmation date: 28-Jun-2012
  • Meeting place: Bandra Station (W)
  • Report time: 05:45
  • Route: Bandra, Sion, Vashi, Panvel
  • Transport: AC Qualis or Equivalent
  • Drive duration: 3Hrs
  • Hike/Ride Duration/Day: 2.5Hrs
  • Grade: Easy

Who Oye?

Odati Adventures Private Limited (OAPL) has been outdoors for more than 10 years now. They have a wealth of experience, learning & strong background of exclusive activities. They have earned a strong repute and following amongst the client group by means of excellent packages backed with strong service.

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