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Thai Cuisine III

Thai Cuisine III Palate Culinary Studio

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Thu, 04 Oct . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

One day session

Santa Cruz (W)
Ground Floor, Survodaya Co-Op Housing Society 7, Juhu Road, Plot no 28 Opp Society Stores, Behind SBI Bank Santacruz West

Rs. 2000

What Oye?

Thai cuisine blends elements of several southeastern traditions and Thai cooking emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic presence. Thai food is known for its balance of three to four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. To get the authentic recipes of Thai cooking , join the Rakhee Vashwani's cooking classes in Mumbai. Her Thai cooking lessons are adored both by amateurs and experts.

What more Oye?

Thai cuisine has delectable and fine blend of flavors in it. It requires an expert touch to get that original taste.

Rakhee Vashwani's culinary classes in Mumbai, Palate Culinary Studio has rich experience in teaching Thai cuisine . The Thai cookery classes will teach you:

  • Penang Curry
  • Vegetables with cashew nuts
  • Massaman curry
  • Andaman rice
  • Fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce
  • Rice noodles with thick sauce
  • Dancing fish with andaman rice

Who Oye?

Rakhee Vaswani is a cookery virtuoso and has a Le cordon Bleu Certificate from Tante Marie, London. She currently leads Palate Culinary Studio, a first of its kind with an international concept and a state of the art island kitchen studio.

Rakhee teaches you more than 60 cooking courses in Mumbai ranging from Kebabs to Sizzlers, from Lebanese to Mexican, from Thai to Moghlai, from Chocolates to Cakes and Pastries. Her students sincerely vouch for her cooking classes in Mumbai.

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