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Sugar craft cake decoration - Beginners

Sugar craft cake decoration - Beginners 32 Degree Studio

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Wed, 30 Nov . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

Dadar (W)   View Map
L.J Training Centre, NC Kelkar Road, Dadar (w)

Rs. 11000

What Oye?

In a 2-day workshop with 32 degree Studio, you will learn:

  • Basics of cake decoration:
  • Overview of equipment & materials
  • Design & decoration of cakes
  • Basics of gum paste & fondant, most importantly how to change consistency for various things
  • Cake covering techniques using fondant
  • Embossing techniques
  • Techniques - 3 dimensional six animal figurines
  • Techniques flowers 3 types, bows, borders and other filler decorations, specifically how to make big rose without using any cutter.
  • Texturing, colouring & dusting
  • Assembling & positioning them on cakes
  • Storage and packaging
  • Most Important: How to develop your own theme cakes

Take away:

  • Set of 3 tools
  • Printed recipes
  • Your own decorated 9 cupcakes or 7 inch cake


  • All the equipments needed for workshop are provided.
  • Lunch, tea/coffee is included

Who Oye?

32 degree Studio is dedicated to the art of crafting fine chocolates and specializes in theme based cakes and cupcakes.

At their workshop individuals are equipped with varied aspects of cake making, which begins with fine tuning recipes, working with fondant/sugar paste, modeling chocolate, gum paste and much more.

Unique designs such as 2D, 3D figurines, patchwork are taught at the same time encouraging individuals to participate with fresh ideas and work flexibly with the designs.

Each course is tailored for individuals with differential skill sets. At the beginners level relatively simpler designs are chosen to get you confident with handling sugar paste and tools comfortably. This prepares you to explore intermediate and advance level designing with greater ease and flexibility.

All the workshops are conducted by Mr. Rakesh Saini who is certified professional chocolatier (California, USA) and sugar artist (London, UK). He has lived in UK for 6 years. He has also served as consulting cake decorator to restaurants.

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