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Basic Sugarcrafting Course

Basic Sugarcrafting Course S Studio Cake Art

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Fri, 26 Oct . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

2 day intensive Workshop. Lunch and Tea/Coffee will be provided

Andheri East   View Map
The Regale by Tunga #31,Central Road, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400093

Rs. 12000

What Oye?

Learn the basics of sugar crafting in this 2-day intensive workshop. You get to learn:

  • Fundamentals of cake decoration
  • Overview of equipment and material
  • Design and decoration of cake
  • Basics of gumpaste and fondant
  • Cake covering techniques using fondant
  • Overlays, inlays, embossing techniques
  • Texturing, coloring and dusting
  • Assembling and positioning them on cakes
  • Storage and packaging
  • Project Design and decorate your own cake

*You can bring your own home made mud or pound cakes and decorate them or else dummy cakes would be provided for the class (Size: Max height 3 and max weight 7)

Who Oye?

Swarna has an unmatching passion for creativity in cake decorations. She is a masters certified cake decorator from PME, UK and has been doing customized cake arts & decorations for high-end events and food festivals in Singapore. Being friendly & dedicated, Swarna has the potential & ability to transfer the creative knowledge she possesses on cake art to others irrespective of their background & skill levels.

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