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Kokedama - String Gardening workshop

Kokedama - String Gardening workshop CoppeR BrainS

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Sat, 16 Feb . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

Kandivali (W)
The Art Studio, 1st floor., Opp. Sankalp Hotel, Mahavir Nagar, Near Profit Center, Kandivali (West)

Rs. 1000

What Oye?

Learn Kokedama - String gardening...first of its kind in Mumbai!!!

Kokedama is an old Japanese botanical art form which has been lately revived and brought into the present culture again. It is a beautiful addition to the urban window gardens or the lightly shaded interiors. Kokedamas are also referred to as Japanese Moss Balls owing to their origin and form. Its organic content makes it more eco friendly and its less management requirement, adds up to its efficiency as a decor. Its beauty is simple and yet quite intriguing.

Price per student : Rs. 1000
Call to Register on: 9773702648 / 9870240110

Workshop Includes:

  1. Step by step evaluation of the Kokedama making procedure
  2. Orientation with the Plants involved
  3. A complete guidance for the maintenance of the Kokedama
  4. Takeaway Kokedama

Material provided:

  1. Loam/ Clay
  2. Coco soil/ Peat moss
  3. Moss
  4. Plants
  5. Thread and Nylon strings

Hurry up!! Limited seats only.

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