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Skydiving camp

Skydiving camp Dreamcatcher Adventure Sports Pvt Ltd

To be announced.
Last, took place on Fri, 20 Sep . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

First Batch:20-22nd Sep Second Batch:27-29th Sep Third Batch:4-6th Oct

Dhana (MP)   View Map
Dhana Air Strip, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Nearest Airports - Jabalpur and Bhopal are 3 to 5 hours drive.

Rs. 15525

What Oye?
Does it set your heart racing and adrenaline pumping when you watch Nick Jojola jump out of an airplane or when adventure junkies dive headfirst with nothing but a parachute strapped on? Have you always yearned for that ultimate experience? Then this skydiving camp is the answer for your longstanding desires. If you think jumping out of a perfectly safe airplane hundreds of feet from land is sane, then the trainers at the Skydiving camp will show you how. Freefall your way in the skies and be one with the wind. This camp is surely any adventure junkie's idea of pure Nirvana. So get strapping and jumping as your friends are still sitting at home watching Adventure sports on TV. Watch video from previous camps here

What more Oye?

There are 3 options available to you:

1) Static line(Solo jump)- No previous experience is necessary and it takes just 8 hours of parachute lessons to prepare you for your first solo static line parachute jump! It is the conventional method of skydiving and is used in sport parachuting as the first step in skydiving training. The dive is made from approximately 4,000 feet above the ground after proper training. A line attached from the parachute to the aircraft opens the parachute as the student falls away. Actual jump video can be seen here

The participant jumps alone with the parachute, and the parachute is deployed immediately after leaving the plane, regardless of actions taken or not taken by the parachutist. The parachute ride will take about five minutes, during which the student is guided to the ground by either radio contact or ground signals. The activity would be guided by experienced professionals and safety is given due importance.

It is a 3 day activity and training takes place on the Friday and first half of Saturday and takes a minimum of 8 hours covering the following parachute lessons. Actual jump takes place on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Orientation and Documentation
  • Familiarisation and Fitting of Parachute Equipment
  • Theory of Flight & Aerodynamics
  • After Landing Procedures
  • Drop zone and Winds
  • Stability and Exits
  • Aircraft Drill and Emergencies
  • Canopy Control and Flight Drills
  • Malfunctions and Reserve Drills
  • Landings including Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)
  • Abnormal Landings
  • Hanging Harness Drills
  • Written Test

2)Tandem skydiving-A Tandem Skydive is the quickest and easiest way to experience the exhilaration of being in freefall! It can be done over a single day. Strapped to a highly qualified tandem instructor you will jump from 9,000 - 10,000 feet falling at speeds of around 120mph before your parachute is deployed for you to enjoy the views as you float back to the ground. No previous experience is necessary and it takes just 30 minutes to be trained to make the jump!

The 30 mins of training involves:

  • The tandem parachute equipment and how it works, including safety features.
  • How you will be attached to your tandem instructor.
  • What you need to do when you exit the aircraft.
  • What is expected of you during free fall
  • What happens during the canopy ride and landing process.

Jump description-When it's your turn, you will be given a jumpsuit, hat and goggles, and then fitted into your harness.Then you walk with your tandem instructor to board the plane where you will then be securely attached to your instructor.The plane will climb to an altitude of between 9,000 - 10,000 feet.When it is safe to do so, you and your tandem instructor will move to the door ready to exit the plane!On leaving the aircraft, you will freefall reaching a speed of 120mph before your tandem instructor opens the parachute at around 5,000 feet (approx).You then get to enjoy the local views, gliding through the air whilst suspended underneath your tandem parachute. You may even get the chance to take control and fly the canopy back to the landing area!As you get near to the ground it's time to wave to your friends and family and then feet up whilst your tandem instructor takes control and lands the canopy.Then smile for the camera as you are presented your certificate for completing your tandem skydive.

3)Accelerated Free fall package-This is for those who want to take their keenness to taste Human Flight a little further and also to figure out if indeed they will consider Skydiving one of their life time activities.
This training discipline is where certified instructors accompany the student in freefall holding onto the student's harness at first while the student demonstrates certain with training wheels.
Since the student is wearing his own parachute, he must be trained to handle emergency procedures as well as landing procedures. AFF training usually consists of a several hour (12 - 18 Hrs) ground course, and the first jump can often be accomplished the second day. The Static line course provides information and training about skydiving equipment, canopy flight and landing, emergency procedures. The exit and freefall will be covered in this specific course.
Student exits the aircraft with two ISPA AFF Instructors and freefall together for 30 to 40 seconds, depending on jump altitude, typically 9,500 10,500 feet. Instructors maintain grip on the student's harness to provide in-air instruction and assist with stability if necessary.
The student opens his own parachute by 4,500 feet and pilots it to the landing area.

  • AFF Skydive Happens from 10000 ft Above Ground Level
  • The method will be ISPA progression ( USPA / APF Free Fall Table)
  • Internationally valid progression.
  • Free Fall Time 35 to 40 Sec.
  • Canopy ride will be about 5 - 7 min depending on metrological conditions
  • No Free Fall Photo / Video will be Provided.


Type Height Cost Ground Photos Aerial Exit shots Exit Videos
Static line 4000 ft above ground 15525/- Included with price Additional cost of 500/- Additional cost of 500/-
Tandem 10000 ft above ground 34500/- Included with price Included Included
AFF* 10000 ft above ground 42550/- Included with price Not Available Not Available

Extras:Accommodation on twin sharing basis and transportation from hotel to drop zone and back to hotel along with Skydive India Team.

Cost for the same is as following :-

A)2 NIGHTS&3 DAYS-Rs 2100 (Static Line & AFF)

B) 1 NIGHT & 2 DAYS-Rs 1550 (TANDEM)
(If anyone wants to opt for accommodation and transportation , then they can pay directly to us in cash on the day of their arrival)

Safety- All the skydiving instructors are highly experienced Sky Divers and are USPA (United States Parachuting Association) certified with over thousands of jumps logged by each one of them. All possible health, safety and medical needs have been given top most priority for the skydiving camp. The equipment and gears used for the skydiving camps are state-of-the-art standard. Highest orders of audits are maintained for all life saving assets/equipments. We are committed to delivering a Safe and Adrenaline packed Experience for all participants.

Camp Location: This skydiving camp is being held in Dhana Air strip, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Wikimapia description of the location is can reach the destination as follows:

Air- Nearest airports are Jabalpur and Bhopal. Each of these airports are nearly 180 to 200 km from Sagar. It takes 3 to 5 hours by road to these airports. You can get private transport from these airports to Sagar easily.

Rail- Sagar has a well connected railway station where you can reach directly from Delhi or Mumbai. You can also reach Bina which is approx 80 kms drive from Sagar or Jabalpur and Bhopal which are at 3 to 5 hour drive from Sagar.

Refund Policy :-

  • Dreamcatchers hold entire right of cancelling jump of any participant if team feels that one is not confident / healthy enough for the sports. In that case, no refunds will be done
  • We will refund 100% in case camp gets cancelled because of any reason from our side like bad weather etc.
  • In case , you need to cancel your booking 1 week prior the date of jump, your 100% amount will be refunded.
  • In case of any cancellation of booking 3 days prior to date of jump, 50% of amount will be refunded.
  • In case of any cancellation on the day of your jump, no money will be refunded . However, if we are timely informed, you can avail your jump in any of our skydiving camps in the Dropzone.

Terms & Conditions:

  • 100% amount refunded if camp is cancelled due to any reason but we will not be responsible for the cost incurred for your travel, accommodation and other expenses for the same trip.
  • There are chances that last moment instructor can call-off the jump of participant based on his confidence level or result of mock up, exam or weather conditions of the moment.
  • Weather condition, clearance of schedule from ATC, Pilot, readiness of aircraft for jump etc. are not in our hand. Any delay due to these should be borne by the participant on their own cost. Please be noted that Aviation partner's decision is final for anything related to jump.
  • SATC Shedule, weather conditions, load of total number of jumps can cause delay in your jump by 1 day. So please be ready for that & please make prior arrangement of extended stay.

Medical Requirement for taking skydiving:

  • Your BMI should be below 28
  • One should be physically fit and weight has to be below 90 kg for static, TANDEM & AFF.
  • One need to get a medical certificate of fitness form a general medical practitioner which has to mention if you are medically fit for skydiving activity.
  • It is always good if does not have any history of high BP, cardiac problems or serious back/neck injuries.

Things to Carry for Skydiving Camp :-

  • Medical Certificate( format will be sent on registration )
  • Note pad and Pen
  • Bring along original id for reference.
  • 5 passport size photographs and xerox of photo id proof.
  • Comfortable clothing as per weather.
  • Cushioned Elbow, Knee Pad and Ankle cap/ Support.

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