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Simplified Hydroponics Training Workshop

Simplified Hydroponics Training Workshop Earthoholics

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Sun, 17 Mar . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

This workshop is tentatively scheduled. Venue and workshop confirmation will be announced later.

Dadar (W)   View Map
Earthoholics Activity Center,c/o: Cool Classes,100B, Blue Pearl Building, Senapati Bapat Marg, Next to Zarapkar Institute, Dadar West. Mumbai 400028

Rs. 1500

This workshop is being held under the Aegis of the Pet Bharo Project. The Trainer: Mr. Arun J Holla, Head-Urban Projects, HGTIPL Bangalore.

The Organization: Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies India Private Limited, Bangalore.

  • Parking: Parking is available within the school campus at designated areas.
  • Food: Tea and Snacks will be provided along with Vegetarian Lunch
  • Note Pads: Kindly bring your note pads and pens for taking notes.
  • Training Materials: A Training DVD along with the Training Notes will be provided as part of the training course fees.
  • Dress: Casuals for your comfort being hot and humid outside the classroom.
  • Please do not forget your sunglasses and hats/caps as it could be a hot day.

Contact People:
Ms. Smita Shirodkar: Mumbai Mob 9833390878
Mr. Arun Holla (O/Stn) Mob 0-88614-88514

Hydroponic Starter Kits: Please add Rs 1500/- extra to your payment if interested. (Please let us know if you would like the Hydroponic Starter kit in advance)
Certificate of Attendance if desired, will be Rs 130/- inclusive of courier charges.


Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil.

Benefits of Hydroponic Technology
  • Minimum Land Use High Yields in small land footprint
  • No Genetically Modified seeds used Multiple and Mixed crops per year
  • Many varieties of FFVs can be cultivated Low downtime between crops
  • Easy to maintain systems Pesticide Free
  • Used Water can be recycled and used No water run-off, avoids pollution
  • Minimum Carbon Footprint Soil-Less Cultivation
  • Absolutely Hygienic, No Chemical Trace Can Grow Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs
  • Is non-messy, clean agriculture and appeals to the modern generation Post-harvest waste can be composted.


Our mission is to help by training people in rural and urban areas to set up Hydroponic Vegetable and Herb gardens on their rooftops, balconies, backyards and even on window sills. We wish to make Urban farming a norm in the years to come. This technique will help common people to learn the methods of growing their own food within the resources of their own homes. This has great relevance at a time when food security crisis is slowly becoming a reality in the world.

The Syllabus

  1. Parts of a plant
  2. Life cycle of flowering plant
  3. Climate and plant growth
  4. Ecology of plant environment
  5. Health benefits of green and clean surrounding
  6. Soilless Substrates
  7. Soil less culture why?
  8. Hydroponics
  9. Genesis
  10. Advantages
  11. Plant culture in hydroponics
  12. Containers/Growers
  13. Substrates
  14. Water quality (TDS) for hydroponics
  15. pH and EC of water and substrates
  16. Seedling production
  17. Shallow tubs
  18. Seedling trays
  19. Coir pith an useful substrate
  20. Hydration of coir pith-How
  21. Filling the growers
  22. Solarization of used substrate
  23. Reuse of substrates
  24. Hydroponic Nutrients
  25. Essential nutrients
  26. Plant nutrition in ions
  27. Water soluble salts
  28. Mixing of nutrients
  29. Recycling the excess nutrient solution
  30. Flushing the excess nutrients
  31. Plant protection
  32. Pests, weeds and diseases
  33. Integrated non-chemical pest management
  34. Day to day care of the garden (Why and How)
  35. Harvesting
  36. Recording day to day operations
  37. Seeding into seedling trays
  38. Transplanting of seedlings
  39. Precautions while doing transplants

We look forward to seeing you soon and are happy to start training at Mumbai as we understand that it is difficult for everyone to come over to Bangalore for training due to several reasons.

As the Founder and Chief Visionary of this organization I can assure you that you will love the training and we promise you that you it will be a memorable day and the start of a new chapter in your lives that will not only enrich you but the world at large.

Some Words of Caution:

Environment: It is our collective responsibility as the Organizers and yourselves as participants at the program to treat thesurrounding with responsibility and keep the premises clean. Your cooperation is highly solicited and thanked for in advance.

Punctuality: In the interest of the greater good of all we request you to arrive on time to avoid losing precious time for fully achieving the objective of this workshop. This is an intensive workshop and we wish to complete the same without having to makeany compromises. Your cooperation is requested and thanked for in advance.

Mobile Phones: Kindly keep your mobiles in silent mode during training hours to avoid any disturbance to the trainer and others.

We solicit your kind cooperation.
Questions: At the end of each session there will be a short Question and Answer session during which you may ask questions. Kindly cooperate with the team.
Parking: The Owners of the Venue have been kind enough to allow parking of vehicles inside the school premises, however we request you to park vehicles as directed by the school staff in a neat and orderly way. Thanking you in advance.

Our Promise and Value Proposition: We promise to give our very best for you during the training however if any student is not convinced that during this workshop he/she has notunderstood something they will be admitted to other workshops for the training as they happen in future at Mumbai free of cost till they areconvinced that they have learnt the basics to get going with Simplified Hydroponics in their homes. We believe that we must give our students more in Use Value than what the pay in Cash Value.

DATE: 17th March,2013 (Tentative)

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