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Hand and Wheel Pottery

Hand and Wheel Pottery Kindles Pottery Classes

1 session.
Classes take place every:
Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm

Sessions are 3 hours long.
Only for ladies and kids above 4 years.

Kandivali (E)   View Map
Lokhandwala Complex, Kandivali (E)

Rs. 700

What Oye?

Get initiated to the earthen marvel. Pottery is one muddy affair which you will surely love getting into.

Examine a Potter's wheel from close quarters and watch amazing shapes that evolve out of it. Tune into the circular motions of the wheel.

Pick up a chunk of clay and learn to sculpt your own thing. Work up a wonder with your own hands.

What More Oye?

Kiran conducts an "Introductory course on Hand and Wheel Pottery" in Mumbai. She teaches at Kindles Pottery Classes in Kandivali. Attend a 3 hour trial session scheduled exclusively for ladies and kids above 4 years of age. Test your waters and take the plunge.

Who Oye?

Kiran has been conducting pottery workshops in Mumbai for the last 7 years.

In her own words:

"The sheer pleasure of dunking my hands into clay is what makes me utterly blissful as also the immense pleasure on the faces of my students, especially kids when they first have a go at the wheel. It has been a companionship of over 7 years with this beautiful medium called clay and I hope to have many more clayful years ahead."

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