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Nature Adventure Camp

Nature Adventure Camp Ecomantra

To be announced.
Last, took place on Sat, 30 Jun . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

1 day camp

Near Mumbai
Rivertrail, 2 kms from Kolad naka

Rs. 1500

What Oye?

The beautiful, lush green campsite is located on the banks of Kundalika river and is only 3 hrs drive away from Mumbai or Pune. Rivertrail Camp is one of the sought after campsites in Kolad in Maharashtra with over 55 eco adventures and activities to choose from.

What more Oye?

Camp Duration: 1 day

Camp Activities: Team Raft building activity (for minimum 30 adults)/Trek to waterfall, Tandem Kayaking, and boating transfer.


  • Vegetarian Buffet meals at Rivertrail eco-camp
  • 1 breakfast, 1 lunch & 1 evening tea and snacks for 1 DAY Package


  • 0630: Depart from Mumbai/Pune in your own private vehicle.
  • 0900: Reach Trek base. Enjoy packed breakfast at the trek base.
  • 0930: Trek begins.
  • 1030: Reach waterfall at the end of the trek. Enjoy water splash.
  • 1130: Descent.
  • 1230: Reach trek base. Depart from Trek base to reach River trail, Campsite Kolad (in your own vehicle 20 mins drive).
  • 1300: Reach River trail,Campsite cross the river by boat.
  • 1300: Lunch and Camspite orientation.
  • 1400: Tandem Kayaking/River crossing activity (depends upon the weather condition during monsoons)
  • 1630: Evening tea and snacks.
  • 1730: Cross the river by boat.
  • 1800: Depart for Mumbai/Pune. Camp Goodbyes.

* Camp Cost Excludes: Road transfer or transport for any activity.

Alcohol and Music

  • a) At Rivertrail camp, mixing alcohol and smoking with activities are prohibited for safety reasons kindly take your drinks during dinner only.
  • b) Loud music is discouraged to avoid disturbance in the wilderness and local villages. However, visitors can carry any musical instrument like a guitar, mandolin or flute to play at the campsite near the campfire area.

Who Oye?

Ecomantra is a sustainable tourism venture promoting eco-friendly, activity - oriented eco holidays and experiential learning. Ecomantra operates its own eco-camp, designs unique eco holidays and activities with an interesting insight into nature and local culture and promotes local ownership in operations. Ecomantra's main forte is the wide variety of experiential activities and programs that are constantly innovated upon.

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