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Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking Wild Escapes

1 session.
Each session is 3hrs long. Sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience.

Kolad, Near Mumbai   View Map
138 Kms from Mumbai
Find detailed driving instructions below

Rs. 1200

What Oye?

Mountain biking is an adventure that stimulates as well as tests your nerves. If trekking lifts your spirits during ascent, mountain biking pushes your limits during descent.

Flex your muscles beyond the gym. Recall your cycling abilities and get ready to hop, skip and jump down the trail with a mountain bike. Soak in the magnificent landscapes from a tangent.

Wild Escapes has a perfect getaway to try your hands (and legs!!) at Mountain Biking. Pack your travel gear and head to Kolad, a tiny village at the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadri Hills.

What More Oye?

Wild Escapes conducts Mountain Biking sessions in courses in Kolad in Raigad District of Maharashtra. Kolad is accessible by Road and Rail from Mumbai. Itinerary of a days session would be

  • Start with a good brief about body posture and technicals, along with a little practice over ramps and small jumps.
  • Get your hands on the Mountain Bikes (MTBs) and start the descent using the basics learnt earlier.
  • Go through different levels of Mountain Biking on the downhill track and be ready to push the limits.

Details of the Package:

Cost includes:

- Hard tail MTBs

- Helmet

- Body armour

- MTB & River Guides

- Life Jackets

Cost excludes:

- Expenses of a personal nature like aerated drinks, mineral water, etc.

- Any other expense not mentioned in the Cost Includes column.

What to bring along

- Water bottle with water (compulsory)

- Towel & Toilet Paper & kit (compulsory)

- Personal Photo Identity (compulsory)

- Wear comfortable T-shirt & athletic shorts / pants

- Sunscreen lotion / sun protection / block cream / moisturizer (compulsory)

- Quick drying clothes or surfing shorts (recommended)

- Carry a change of clothes (recommended)

- Sun glasses with retainers (recommended)

- Personal Medication (if any)

- Camera with sufficient batteries and film / memory cards (optional)

- Chocolates and dry fruits as pocket snacks (optional)

Who Oye?

If it is adventure in Mumbai, it has to be Wild Escapes. They are a team of competent, qualified and skilled outdoor professionals, engaged in designing adventure packages in India, USA, Canada and the UK since 2001.

Whether a novice or an expert, Wild Escapes strives to give you an experience of a lifetime.

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