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Improver Level Salsa

Improver Level Salsa The Dance Factory

To be announced.
Last, took place on Mon, 12 Mar . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

Classes scheduled twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays). Time: 8-9 pm both Monday and Thursday. Duration: 2 month (16 sessions; 1 hr each)

Grant Road
Spark Centre, Wallace apartments, Slater Road, Next to Sinhal Classes, Tardeo (right outside Grant Road station)

Price on demand. Please enquire to know more.

What Oye?

This is a 2 month course for those who have Basic training in the Salsa dance form or equivalent amount of social dancing. The first month involves turn patterns with leading and following of higher difficulty and skills with more emphasis on technique. The main concept of this course is to introduce you to the Cross Body Turns, on how to lead and follow it with detailed breakdown to achieve precision. This level also introduces to you to the Copa and some simple SHINES (foot movements) which help with the rhythm of Salsa music. This level includes a special introduction to MUSICALITY giving you detailed understanding of terms like beats, bars, rhythm, tempo and the structure of salsa music. After a month long exposure to different terms and techniques of partnering, footwork and shines you will have a good understanding of the structure of Salsa and Salsa Music.

In the second month focus in on practice. This level fine tunes the entire syllabus of the first month by repeating it again. You will realize as one does this course again a sense of ease in footwork is achieved. The main concept of this course is to reinforce good leading and following by teaching you how to be light on your feet. As one is already aware of the syllabus in the second month, it becomes relatively easier to focus on timing and technique to ensure proper and smoother execution of turn patterns. After 2 months of reinforced training in techniques of partnering and footwork, you will be able to hit the social floor with much needed confidence.

What more Oye?

This course/workshop requires basic level of Salsa training or equivalent social dancing. Eligibility decision rests with the instructors and there is no age bar. If the basic level Salsa course is regarded the alphabets of the world of salsa then this 2 month training is putting your words and grammar together. No mandatory partner sign up is required. You can wear during classes anything that is comfortable and allows freedom of movement. In terms of footwear, only shoes with leather, suede, plastic, or foam soles are permitted on the wooden dance floors. For ladies it is not compulsory to wear heels, but essential to have heel support (as in straps around the ankles or foot).

Who Oye?

The Dance Factory is a holistic Centre for Dance in Mumbai which provides Quality training, high-end dance apparel as well as strong career options. It was founded by Mr. Vineet Bangera & Ms. Sahiba Sawhney. Mr. Vineet is an engineer by qualification but a dancer by passion. It has been 11 years since he first started dancing and has dabbled in various forms such as ballroom, jazz, hip-hop, ballet and contemporary but would like to call himself a Salsa addict! He believes that learning the right technique is imperative to becoming better dancers. Ms. Sahiba has formal training in fashion designing and started dancing when she was 9 years old and has learnt folk, a few urban dances like hip-hop, jazz and various partner dance forms, but it was salsa which swept her.Vineet and Sahiba are well supported by other trainers in Dance factory -Mr. Prince, Ms. Shailja, Mr. Vijesh and Ms. Chetna. The Dance Factory has separate faculties for each dance form ensuring all instructors are masters of their respective genres. The founding duo themselves are heading the Latin department with over a decade of dancing and teaching Salsa together

Oye Hoye!

You can also purchase dance shoes and apparel from Dance Factory

A roll over credit is offered to a student who has registered and paid the fees, but for some reason is unable to take that course. You can use the credit on a future course date instead. To avail this, a student can ask for roll over credits while cancelling class 24 hours before your course starts. After a course starts or during the 24 hours prior to a course starting, partial roll over credits may be given at the managements discretion, upon request.

Roll over credits are valid for 3 months. They are also transferrable to someone else within 3 months.

ROCs can also be given as gifts to a friend or family member so they can try out our courses at a time that suits them. Its a great idea to gift a course as a birthday or a wedding gift.

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