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Rubik's Cube Workshop

Rated Excellent
based on
Rubik's Cube Workshop Denil Vira

1 session.
Each session is 2hrs long. Sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience.

Location of your Choice
Pick a venue that is mutually convenient to you and the instructor.

Rs. 1000

What Oye?

The world's best-selling toy ever, with sales in excess of 350 million units worldwide! But wouldn't calling it just a toy be an understatement!

It never fails to amaze, thrill or challenge you. So get the cube and rack your brains.

What more Oye?

Benefits of solving Rubik's cube:

- Improves Spatial Thinking

- Brings a coordination between right and the left brain thus increasing creative as well as logical aspects within an individual .

- Helps improve skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, memorization, patience and perseverance.

- Benefits all ages and gender .

- Helps sharpen memory, hand-eye coordination and general concentration.

- Helps students learn important mathematical concepts such as area, perimeter, volume, angles, algorithms and other geometric and algebraic topics.

- Increases IQ level.

About the workshop:

Taught using Layer by Layer method which is very easy to learn and implement.

Minimum participants required for the workshop: 1

Age group: 13 years+

Duration of the workshop: 4 hours approx

Material provided: Printed notes.

Participants are required to bring their own cube.

Who Oye?

The current team of Denil, Siddharth and Harshil are currently final year engineering students with a passion for Rubik's Cube. They have taught close to 300 people in the last year.

Oye hoye!

Discounts on offer for large groups.

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