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Dance with Gupson Pierre

Dance with Gupson Pierre Salsa India

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Sat, 21 Apr . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

Bandra   View Map
Organized Chaos
Parmeshwar Bhawan
Behind Intensity Gym, Next to B:Blunt, 14th Road, Khar
Landmark: Lane of Costa Coffee

Rs. 1500

What Oye?

This April Salsa India brings one of the pioneers in Singapore Salsa scene Gupson Pierre known for adding his signature, style and attitude in dance.

Gupson has more than 15 years of formal training in Ballet and Jazz and has injected the same dedication into Salsa, he has been teaching Salsa in Singapore for the last 14 years.

Gupson Pierre hails from Montreal, Canada, a proud owner, renowned dancer, performer, creative director and principal instructor of Attitude Dance Studio, Singapore. He is credited to have introduced Cross Body Style, Salsa and dancing On1 and On2 in Singapore as well as Bachata, Casino Rueda and Exotic Dance.

This month Gupson will be teaching in Mumbai for 2 days only!!! Here's your chance to improve your overall dancing skills and learn other related forms of dance.

Registration Open To All. We recommend early registration due to limited seating capacity.

What more Oye?

Schedule for 2 days:

DAY ONE: Saturday 21 April

  • Class 1. 4-5pm: Salsa Leading and Following technique
  • Class 2. 5-6pm: Salsa Partnerwork on 1
  • Class 3. 6-7pm: Bachata Class

DAY TWO: Sunday 22 April

  • Class 4. 4-5pm: Intro to dancing Salsa on2
  • Class 5. 5-6pm: Salsa Improver Partner work on2
  • Class 6. 6-7pm: Pachanga


  • Class 7. 8-9pm: Casino Rueda** [at C'est La Vie, Bandra]

{PRICING} for all 7 classes

  • 1. Individual: Rs. 1500.
  • 2. Couple Package: Rs. 2500.
  • Drop in Rate: Rs. 500. per person per class.

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