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Urban Farming Show!

Urban Farming Show! Earthoholics

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Fri, 02 Nov . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

Entry free. Prior registration required. Please click on enquire to register yourself.

Charni Road
Birla Kendra, Charni Road, Mumbai.

Price on demand. Please enquire to know more.

What Oye?

2nd November, Friday, 2012

12.30 - 2.30pm: All about Rooftop Farming and importance of Nutritious Soil- Amrit Mitti.

This seminar will be taken by Urban Leaves and will cover all aspects of getting started with terrace gardening. Right from Water proofing, load bearing to healthy nutritious soil and the harvests thereof.

Urban Leaves

3.00 - 4pm: The Art of Bonsai- Rupa & Sujay Shah

Introductory talk on the Art of Bonsai by Ruppa and Sujay Shah from Mumbai. They have been involved with nature and promoting green revolution since more than 25 years. The Ssurup Bonsai and Garden in Panvel, nurturing Bonsai and Exotic plants is spread over 4 acres is a treasure house of large variety of Bonsai, Bamboos, Lilies, Water Lilies, Water plants, Lotus, Grasses and Mosses, Palms, Orchids, and the single largest collection of Bonsai in this part of the world. Learn the art of planting and caring Bonsai plants in the seminar.

Ssurup Bonsai Garden

3rd November, Saturday, 2012

12.30pm-1pm: Talk on Why Organic & How safe is ur food - By India for Safe food- Tejal & Team

India for safe food

1.30pm-2.30pm: Home Composting Made Simple- RUR

This seminar will be conducted by a group called RUR. It will talk about Waste Segregation. Tetra Pack Recycling and Different ways to compost on a society or an individual level.

3pm - 4pm: Ornamentals: Care & Maintenance, Indoor & Outdoor Plants- Mr Miguel Braganza

This seminar will be taken by Mr Miguel Braganza, additional director of Organic Farmers Association India coming all the way from Goa. Will talk about indoor & outdoor plants and share tips on the care & maintenance. You get to hear about gardening of indoor and outdoor plants from one of the experts.

4th November, Sunday, 2012

12.30pm-1.30pm: Organic Kitchen gardening in containers - Adriene

This seminar will be taken by Adrienne of Fresh & Local who is working on the JJ Flyover Farm. She will teach sowing seeds & Transplanting.

2pm-3pm: Care & Maintenance of Fruit Trees & grafting - By Miguel Braganza

Mr Miguel will show a demo on different ways to graft and will give tips on how to improve the yield of ur fruiting trees.

3.30pm-4.30pm: Introduction to Hydroponics - By Pet Bharo Team, Bangalore.

Why and what of Hydroponics..?


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