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Gardening Basics - Indoor and Outdoor Plants!

Gardening Basics - Indoor and Outdoor Plants! Earthoholics


One day workshop

Grant Road   View Map
Home Collectives,29-A,1st Flr,Dr Atmaram Rangnekar Marg, Above Brij Mandal Hall,Girgaum Chowpatty,Mumbai 400007

Rs. 1500

What Oye?

This Workshop will try to answer all the basic questions you have about gardening. The One day Workshop will take you through How to get Started and much more.

What more Oye?

Some highlights of the workshop:

  • Plant needs
  • The right tools required and how to use them appropriately
  • Watering, the right method for both indoor and outdoor plant
  • Potting/Re-Potting
  • Fertilizer
  • Types of indoor & outdoor plants - shrubs, climbers, ground covers & more.
  • Pot size and placement, where to place what plant to get the desired effect
  • Pest and Disease Control (organic methods)
  • General Maintenance/Tips
  • Hands on potting,weeding,fertilizing a plant.
  • One beautiful indoor plant to take home with soil, compost & handsome pot.

It is going to be a little bit intensive. It would contain a good mixture of common Indoor and outdoor, shrubs, climbers, ground covers. Notes would be handed out on plants that we will be learning on that day. You will also be getting your hands-dirty, as you will be potting, weeding and fertilizing a plant and that will be yours to take home.

Who Oye?

Earthoholics conducts awareness programs, workshops and offer products and services which ensures a greener and better earth.

Their Vision is "to urgently stop poisoning of the only earth we have, by implementing change in practices which will ensure a healthy future for our planet and generations to come."

In their words:

"We ourselves as gardeners have had starting problems and have realized what exactly is the info a beginner who has never grown anything seeks for. We are not experts but we are successfully growing our own fresh organic vegetables and eating them. We wish to spread this info to people so that everyone enjoys eating what they grow. So, join us and let's grow together!"

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