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Cake Art - Butter cream workshop

Cake Art - Butter cream workshop S Studio Cake Art

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Sun, 28 Oct . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

One day Workshop. All the equipment and materials will be provided. Limited seats.

Andheri East   View Map
APB Cook Studio, 301, Shrishti Plaza, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai

Rs. 5000

What Oye?

A lot goes into the making and design of cakes. In a day long workshop with Swarna, come and learn the nuances that goes into the design of decoration of cakes. She will open up a myriad of possibilities for after which your creativity could work wonders. This workshop can very well be the stepping stone for a hobby or for that new business opportunity.

What more Oye?

In the One day Butter Cream workshop, one gets to learn:

  • Basics of Icing (recipes included)
  • How to mix colours in icing
  • Using decorating bags and couplers
  • Icing the Cake
  • Cake filling, leveling the cake and no more crumbs
  • Guidelines for designing and decorating the cake
  • Basics of icing consistency, portion of bags and pressure control
  • More than 20 decorating techniques

Project: At the end of the course, you get to design and decorate your own cakes

*Participants will take home a cake designed and decorated by them.

  • Lunch and Tea/Coffee would be provided.
  • All equipments and materials required for the class will be provided

Who Oye?

Swarna has an unmatching passion for creativity in cake decorations. She is a masters certified cake decorator from PME, UK and has been doing customized cake arts & decorations for high-end events and food festivals in Singapore. Being friendly & dedicated, Swarna has the potential & ability to transfer the creative knowledge she possesses on cake art to others irrespective of their background & skill levels.

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