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Experience Rajasthan, Udaipur-Pushkar

Experience Rajasthan, Udaipur-Pushkar Blue Berry Trails

To be announced.
Last, took place on Wed, 16 Jan . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

The dates for this trip are from the 16th-20th Jan, 2012

Udaipur, Pushkar

Rs. 14800

This new year we have something special planned out in the colorful land of Maharajas, palaces, forts, elephants, camels, havelis, sand dunes and festivals : RAJASTHAN

January is a great time to visit Rajasthan when the weather is great and the landscape is beautiful. We start our journey in Udaipur and proceed to Pushkar, giving you a holistic experience with stays in ornate Havelis, a royal boatride on Pichola lake, visit to palaces, treks to flower plantations on hills, camel safaris,sunset on the Pushkar ghats and a chance to interact with local miniature artists at the workshop, while the colourful markets and cafes are fully yours to explore.

Our trip has been designed in a way that will leave Rajasthan in your heart for a long time to come.

Trip plan

Day1: Udaipur

  • Breakfast at Kankarwa haveli lake facing terrace cafe
  • Visit to City Palace
  • Boatride on Pichola lake
  • Visit to Jag Mandir
  • Visit to royal vintage car museum
  • Light and sound show at City Palace

Day 2: Udaipur

  • Breakfast at terrace cafe
  • Visit to miniature painting workshop
  • Visit to Bagore ki haveli
  • Cultural puppetry and dance show

Day 3: Pushkar

  • Train journey from Udaipur to Pushkar
  • Free time to visit to market, Brahma temple, Jain temple, Pushkar ghats, discovering cafes, sunset aarti by the ghats
  • Travel tip: Try the Bhang lassi at Sunset Caf, pasta at Lake View Cafe, coffee in aunthentic Italian mugs at Sundew Cafeomfort.

DAY 4: Pushkar

  • Breakfast at haveli terrace cafe
  • Tour of Nath pahad and flower plantations
  • Camel safari
  • Free time to visit cafes of your choice in the market

Tay 5: Ajmer

  • Early breakfast at haveli
  • Departure to Ajmer
  • Visit to Ajmer Sharif dargah
  • Drop off at departure point in Ajmer

Have a safe journey back home.

Santa Claus discount of Rs 500 for bookings before 25th Dec 2012.

What: Trip to Rajasthan
When:16-20th Jan2012
Where:Udaipur, Pushkar
How much:Rs 14800




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