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Trek to Tandulwadi

Trek to Tandulwadi Odati

To be announced.
Last, took place on Sun, 24 Jun . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

One day trek

Near Mumbai
Tandulwadi, 108 kms from Mumbai

Rs. 1350

What Oye?

Few forts offer views of terrain that is as varied as Tandulwadi. Amidst a bustling surrounding of urbanisation, this mountain stands it guards keeping a close eye on the sea to its west and the small hill and forts to the east and south allowing the Viatarna River to snake amidst its plains.

The trek to Tandulwadi begins through a thick forest that climbs gradually to a small plain at the base of the fort. Walking further through the forest, we come up a small ridge from where we can see southwards. A thin trail from here along the side of the fort makes the walk very exciting. It may be tricky but walking alongside lush swaying grass makes us forget about the anxiety. From here we first come across a fort bastion, followed by a depression in the ridge, further climbing up to the west ridge of the fort. Finally we rest for lunch at the water cisterns which in the thick of the monsoons have fresh water.

The top of Tandulwadi fort offers great views of the Vaitarna River, Asherigad, Arnala Fort, Vasai Fort, Takmak, Khoj fort etc.

What more Oye?

  • Destination: Tandulwadi
  • Region: Palghar
  • Approx kms from Mumbai: 108
  • Confirmation date: 20-Jun-2012
  • Meeting place: Bandra Station (W)
  • Report time: 05:45
  • Route: Bandra, Andheri, Borivali
  • Transport: AC Qualis or Equivalent
  • Drive duration: 3Hrs
  • Hike/Ride Duration/Day: 3Hrs

Who Oye?

Odati Adventures Private Limited (OAPL) has been outdoors for more than 10 years now. They have a wealth of experience, learning & strong background of exclusive activities. They have earned a strong repute and following amongst the client group by means of excellent packages backed with strong service.

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