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Day trek to Meera Hills

Day trek to Meera Hills Odati

To be announced.
Last, took place on Wed, 05 Nov . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

One day trek

Near Mumbai
Meera Hills

Rs. 1350

What Oye?

Scale the Meera Hills with Odati Adventures. A location of the likes of Matheran, it is second to none in terms of scenic beauty.

Don your trekking gear for a day and discover this hidden gem in the Sahyadri range. Odati Adventures brings you a date with the Meera Hills.

What more Oye?

Meera Hills offers an incredible trekking trail with an awe-inspiring view of green fields around. Commence the trek with a walk on the wooden bridge across the sparkling river. Reach the top that opens up to a huge plateau.

Pay obeisance at Vyagreshwar Temple and thank him for his wonderful creation. Experience the scintillating waterfall during monsoon.

Step out of your domain and shake hands with Odati Adventures for the Day Trek to Meera Hills.

Other Details:

Meeting place: Bandra Station (W)

Report time: 05:45 am

Route: Bandra, Sion, Vashi, Panvel

Transport: Ac Tavera or equivalent

Drive duration: 2 Hrs

Hike/Ride Duration/Day: 2-3 Hrs one way

Who Oye?

Odati Adventures Private Limited (OAPL) has been outdoors for more than 10 years now. They have a wealth of experience, learning & strong background of exclusive activities. They have earned a strong repute and following amongst the client group by means of excellent packages backed with strong service.

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