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Coastal Motorbiking Safari

Coastal Motorbiking Safari


Price on demand. Please enquire to know more.

What Oye?

Long drives in SUVs and MUVs are a passe. Romancing the roads on a bike is now ubercool.

If the thought of a 500 km bike expedition by the sea excites you, look no further. Wild Escapes takes you on a Coastal Motor Biking Safari through some of the scenic motorways through Alibaug, Murud, Diveagar, Shekhadi, Srivardhan and Mangaon.

What More Oye?

Wild Escapes offers a 2 day bike trip on the following routes:

Day 1
Mumbai - Alibaug - Murud - Agardanda - Dhighi - Diveagar

Day 2
Diveagar - Shekhadi Srivardhan Mangaon - Panvel - Mumbai

Details of the Package:

Cost includes:

- Meals (1 Breakfast and 1 Dinner)

- Accommodation charges (4-sharing basis)

- Boat charges

- Luggage cum Back-up Vehicle and Mechanic Charges

Cost excludes:

- Petrol Expenses (approx. 500 kms)

- Food, Mineral water/ cold drink expenses during travel

- Personal expenses of any kind shopping etc

- Maintenance/repair charges/spares if required.

- Any charges not mentioned in Cost Includes column

What to bring along

- Towel & Toilet Paper & kit (compulsory)

- Personal Photo Identity (compulsory)

- Waterproof Sunscreen lotion / sun protection / moisturizer (compulsory)

- Water bottle with water (compulsory)

- Hydration pack (recommended)

- Motorbiking Luggage (saddlebags, tankbags, bungee cords,etc.) (recommended)

- Motorbiking armoured apparel (jacket, gloves, shoes, etc.) (recommended)

- Carry pairs T-shirts or Shirts, Track-pants for daily wear (recommended)

- Wind Stopper (recommended)

- Carry floater with securable back strap (recommended)

- Sun glasses with retainers (recommended)

- Rain Protection Gear (recommended)

- Water Protection Gear (Dry bags) (recommended)

- Personal medication (if any)

- Sunhat & Sun Cap

- Personal Torch / Headlamp

- Mosquito Repellent

- Camera with sufficient batteries and film / memory cards (optional)

- Chocolates and dry fruits as pocket snacks (optional)

Who Oye?

If it is adventure in Mumbai, it has to be Wild Escapes. They are a team of competent, qualified and skilled outdoor professionals, engaged in designing adventure packages in India, USA, Canada and the UK since 2001.

Whether a novice or an expert, Wild Escapes strives to give you an experience of a lifetime.

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