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Chocolate making!

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Chocolate making! Keka's Kitchen

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Sun, 09 Nov . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

One day session. All materials would be provided in the class.

Flat No 404, Swamikrupa Building , Near Dmart Phase 1, Thane West, Thane - 400601

Rs. 2500

What Oye?

Learn myriad varieties of Chocolate making in a single session at Kekas cooking classes based out of Thane. You get to learn various chocolates like:

  • Basic
  • Belgium
  • Ferrero rocher
  • Hazelnut pralines
  • French chocolates
  • Truffles ball
  • Chocolate orange collettes
  • Coffee collettes
  • Chocolate liquors
  • Chocolate flavoured marzipans
  • Chocolate cherries
  • Rocky road bites
  • Hazelnut brittle

Who Oye?

Kekas Kitchen is one of the known cooking classes in Thane. You can learn more than 30 cooking courses here. The classes are held both on weekdays and weekends as per the convenience of the participants.

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