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Ceramics and Pottery - Beginners

Ceramics and Pottery - Beginners Studio Pottery

8 sessions.
Each session is 3hrs long. Sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience.

Classes are held once a week. Rekha conducts classes from her studios based out of Vashi and Santa cruz.

Santa Cruz (W)
Santa Cruz (W)

Rs. 6800

What Oye?

Clay has forever symbolized creativity. This humble medium can transform into the most ingenious work of art when blended with oodles of imagination, tons of patience and the right technique.

Learn the nuances of the craft with Rekha Goyal, a renowned ceramic artist.

What More Oye?

Rekha Goyal conducts sessions for Beginners on Pottery and Ceramics at Studio Pottery in Mumbai at her studios out of Santa Cruz and Vashi. The first 8 sessions are devoted to learning the basics of ceramics and pottery like:

  • Hand building techniques of working with clay
  • Working on the potter's wheel (known as Throwing)
  • Glazing
  • Basic level of theory to understand the various raw materials being used.

One can join at any point as each student follows his own pace. Classes are conducted once a week and each session is for 3 hours. The fee is Rs.6800 for the complete course incl of all materials and firing of all the pieces you make.

What to expect?

  • A fun time while seriously learning to work with clay
  • Surprising yourself with your creativity and skill!
  • Becoming proficient in making small objects in clay
  • Improved concentration and patience!

Beginner's Course best suited for:

  • People who have never worked with clay before
  • Adults who are looking to try out something that is creative, or completely different from their regular work
  • People who want to learn a new skill
  • Adults who are looking to de-stress!

Who Oye?

Rekha Goyal is an alumnus of Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai. She attained her Masters degree in Public Art from the School of Visual Arts in London. Rekha currently teaches at Sir JJ School of Art and at the Aditya Birla World Academy.

Rekha undertakes commissioned sculptural work & also develops exclusive handmade product ranges for high-end boutique stores.

Rekha started her exclusive ceramic studio, Studio Pottery while she was still a student at the School of Art. She collaborates with artists of International repute to conduct classes at her Studio in Mumbai.

With the best credentials in the art and the industry, your search for pottery classes in Mumbai ends.

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