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Basic Survival Course

Basic Survival Course Mumbai Travellers

To be announced.
Last, took place on Fri, 16 Nov . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

3 days and 2 Nights. Check out the details below.

Near Mumbai

Rs. 3500

What Oye?

If Bear Grylls makes survival in the wilderness look cool, if you are fascinated by the survival training of the Special Forces commandos and if you wish you could embark on a wilderness survival expedition other than from your TV, then Mumbai Travellers has just the perfect package for you. Experience life in the dense forests with only your senses to guide you. Master the jungle and learn to use the skills if you are ever stranded in the wilderness. The course is more than just a training exercise as it hones your skills and your common sense to use in situations that demand it.

What more Oye?

The basic survival camp itinerary includes:

A) PRE-CAMP SCHEDULE: Pre-camp online briefing sessions for details sharing, mindset building and query solving (1 week before the course)



  • Reporting at Lonavala Railway Station around 3 pm.
  • Trek to the campsite near Ulhas Valley.
  • Welcome to the Survival Course and Introduction to course.
  • Basics of Survival and Team Building
  • Dinner & Campfire
  • Overnight in Tents.


  • Wakeup call at 5 am
  • Body warming up exercises at 6 am
  • Breakfast and Tea at 7 am
  • Survival Syllabus Session 1
  • Lunch on the campsite
  • Survival Syllabus Session 2
  • Evening Tea
  • Survival Syllabus Session 3
  • Overnight in forest without food and Shelter
  • Also covering Survival Syllabus Session 4 (Night survival special)


  • Wake up call at 5 am
  • Freshening up and Warming up
  • From the forest returning to the Campsite
  • Survival Syllabus Session 5 and Group Discussion Session
  • Celebration Lunch (Bada Khana)
  • Award ceremony and Distribution of Certificates to all the participants completing the course
  • Depart towards Mumbai / Pune
  • Course Concludes

Course Syllabus:

During the sessions the experts will cover as many Survival skills as possible from the list given below:

  • 1. Navigational cum orienteering skills
  • 2. Night Navigational without any navigational resources.
  • 3. How to put fire without match box/lighter.
  • 4. How to get water during extreme summer by finding proper plants/locations.
  • 5. How to get survival food from the forest-what to eat and what not to eat?
  • 6. Camp craft skills - shelter natural and man-made / sleeping without sleeping bag or bed sheet or any other sleeping materials.
  • 7. How to get natural medicines from medicinal plants/how to recognize such plants? And how to use?
  • 8. Wilderness first aid in emergency and how to carry the causality with minimum resources available with the team.
  • 9. Climbing skills
  • 10. Rappelling skills without any equipment or with only one rope.
  • 11. How to cross streams / valleys and gorges without minimum resources.
  • 12. How to be dry during heavy monsoon without any monsoon clothing /raincoat etc
  • 13. How to cross heavily flooded streams and strong currents during monsoon and during other periods.
  • 14. How to save in case fallen in flooded rivers or high current streams
  • 15. How to build a temporary structure to stay in deep forest without tents.
  • 16. How to cut down the fire wood or food items without knife and other camping materials
  • 17. How to catch the fishes without fish net and other fishing materials.
  • 18. How to save yourself from wild boar/wild bear/wild elephant/wild carnivorous animals or wild venomous animals (in case of any emergency only)
  • 19. How to overcome on hunger/thirst/shelter etc Basic survival skills
  • 20. Survival Psychology and presence of mind

Whos the Expert?

The team "BORN 2 SURVIVE" is combination of adventure freaks, ex-servicemen and dynamic leaders in the field of adventure and Survival. The team is led by Mr.Jayant Dofey who himself is an Adventure Guru.

A few points about the expert Mr.Jayant Sopandeo Dofey

Jewels in the Crown:

  • 20 yrs of active service in Indian Air Force from 1980 - 2000
  • 09 Limca Records achieved and many more in pipe
  • Training in Wireless communication in Indian Air Force.
  • Management course from A.F.T.I. Belgaon
  • Basic & Advance Mountaineering Courses.
  • Basic Leadership course in Biodiversity Conservation.
  • One-year course in Herpetology (study of snakes) and Birds.
  • Completed One year Management Facilitator course with worlds some of the best Management Trainers (Mr. Parchure) & with Mr. Yateen G.

Important Points:

  • 1. This course is useful for every person interested in survival / trekking / adventure / personality development / leadership qualities / co-curricular activities and certification.
  • 2. This is an outdoor survival camp, so be ready for the rawness
  • 3. The batch size is limited for every course. First come first served basis
  • 4. Every participant will be rewarded with the certificate after successful completion of the course
  • 5. The certificate will have Stamp and signature of authorities from "BORN 2 SURVIVE" as well as that of the Trekking / Travelling group leader via which the participant is coming
  • 6. "BORN 2 SURVIVE" reserves rights to do any last minute changes for the betterment of scheduled course.

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