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Basic Course in Photography

Basic Course in Photography Girish Menon

4 sessions.
Each session is 2hrs long. Sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience.

One session per week

Location of your Choice
Pick a venue that is mutually convenient to you and the instructor.

Rs. 5000

What Oye?

The topics that will be covered:

Ever wondered why some photos are more appealing than others? Some are too bright and others too dark? Some blurry and out-of-focus or grainy?

Thats because neither does one pay any attention to the direction of light nor its intensity. The light must be taken into consideration and the camera must be set in accordance to the light.

Instead, one tends set the camera in one of the pre-programmed modes (P/Av/Tv or P/S/A) and fire away!

The ultimate aim is to be able to use the camera in the Manual-mode.

We'll cover all the principles of exposure & composition i.e. achieving optimumexposure by light metering, understanding & setting the shutter-speed, aperture & film-speed taking the subject, intensity & direction of light into consideration and planning compositions and having fun whilst doing it! Some other key elements of photography are:

  • Light metering and making photos in low light.
  • Depth-of-field
  • Using exposure compensation in the Program-modes (P/Av/Tv or P/S/A).
  • Reading histograms.
  • Convert and process RAW files. Colour correction, resizing and image editing.

What more Oye?

The immediate outcomes of the workshops are:

  • You will be able to use the camera in the Manual or M mode for effective exposures: no more over/under-exposed photos! No more blurry photos in low light! You will gain the confidence to achieve crisp and clear photos in any lighting condition.
  • Play with depth-of-field i.e. carefully select the most important point of focus of your composition and blur/sharpen the background accordingly.
  • Make powerful pictures by choosing the most relevant focus point and understanding the simple rules of composition.
  • Understand and read histograms and curves.
  • Edit photos and sharpen them for printing. Re-size photos for email and social media etc.

The sessions can be held either at my place (in Chembur) or at the residence of the student(s). The fees is Rs. 7,000 for 1 student. Or as follows for a group of students (max. group size 4 students to ensure individual attention):

No of Students

Fees per student







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