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Basic Italian Course

Basic Italian Course Kari's Culinary Classes

To be announced.
Last workshop was held on Sat, 22 Sep . Next workshop will be announced shortly.

4 Sessions of 2 hrs each. Classes every Saturday. Fee per session is Rs 700. Booking ON for Session 2

11/12 Iris park, Military road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049

Rs. 700

What Oye?

It is impossible to think about Italy without thinking of delicious Italian food. The kitchen is central to the hearts and minds of the Italians and thus, has become a favourite ever popular cuisine worldwide.

You can also tantalize your taste buds with authentic Italian dishes which will take you into the Romantic world of Italy right from your own kitchen.

What more Oye?

The course is spread over 4 sessions. Over the 4 classes you get to learn:

Day 1: Bruschetta Napoletana, Garlic Bread, Pizza dough +Sauce, Foccacini, Calzone and Italian Muesili.

Day 2: Poor Man's Salad, Spagetti Agliolio, Muffins, Pannacotta

Day 3: Pasta from stratch, Lasagne, Tagiatella in creamy mushroom olive sauce, Ravoili, Nutella mezze luna

Day 4: Italian Soup, Potato mustard salad, Stuffed Peppers, Fruit Crumble

Who Oye?

Karan is a world traveled gastronome and trained in Switzerland and UK. He believes in the adage, "Anybody can cook; all you need is a will."

In their own words, "Our teaching methods allow the individual to make their own interpretation of the recipes. We believe that it is not sufficient just to follow the directions of a recipe book; it is necessary to cultivate an instinct to bring out an original cook within you and experience the joys of cooking.

We specialize in Continental, Mughlai, Mediterranean, Oriental and Mexican. We also cater to vegetarians and Jains."

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