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Calligraphy - The Basics

Calligraphy - The Basics Calligraphers Ink

8 sessions.
Each session is 2hrs long. Sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience.

The course requires a minimum batch of 8 students.

Location of your Choice

Rs. 3000

What Oye?

In this age of emails and twitter, re-discover the charm of paper and pen.

And if you think calligraphy is just about writing - think again

You can design:

Fabric, Curtains, Clothes, Shoes, Posters, Accessories, Font, Greeting cards, Visiting cards, Scrolls, Book covers, CDs, Tattoos

..Actually, just about anything!

And did I mention, you can add that extra special touch to any project or presentation you make?

Whether you are a student, home maker, professional designer, graphic artist or even someone interested in a cool new hobby - come explore the fascinating world of calligraphy.

What more Oye?

This basic course involves:

Introduction to the calligraphy pen

The concept/angle of thick & thin strokes

Cursive & straight strokes

Lower case alphabet (Small letters)

Upper case alphabet (Capital letters)

Punctuation Marks


Word formation

Who Oye?

After dabbling in as many as 5 careers in her twenties, Payal finally found her true calling in creating Art. She eventually settled for her childhood passion Calligraphy, something she has been doing since last 12 years. Now she proudly spends her free time conducting workshops and teaching classes in the lost art of penmanship.

Oye Hoye!

The classes can be arranged at a place convenient to you.

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