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Unto the Wild: Bandhavgarh

Unto the Wild: Bandhavgarh Blue Berry Trails

To be announced.
Last, took place on Sun, 29 Apr . Dates for upcoming sessions will be announced shortly.

3 days and 2 nights

Near Mumbai

Rs. 11800

What Oye?

It's Summer time, holidays are here and it the best time to spot wild life too. Time to experience the howl of the Jackal, the call of the barking deer, the chirping of the birds, all at Bandhavgarh National Park.

The leaves rustle, the insects buzz, the wind gushes by you. And all of a sudden you come face to face with the King of the Jungle, as he gazes over his Kingdom and You. Its time for you to book your rendezvous with the most flamboyant and majestic creature, The Tiger.

So go ahead and answer the call of the wild in Bandhavgarh where the jungles await you with its extravagance along.

  • A 3 day trip (3D/2N) in Bandhavgarh
  • Stay in luxury cottages in the quaint village of Ranchha at the Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Stay amidst the expanse of forested hills, bordered by golden farmlands and the place is a right balance between tiger-country and the rustic village life.
  • 3 Safaris in the premiere zone of Tala and the Magadhi Zone. It leads you into the wilderness of Bandhavgarh National Park where you may spot a deer or a Gaur or a whole variety of birds And if you are lucky you may be looking at the King of Jungle, The TIGER.
  • Also a trail in the quaint village of Ranchha. You can go there on your cycles also.
  • Sit by the nearby stream with a tea cup in your hand and have a small picnic of your own
  • All meals during the stay are taken care of
  • Travel from Katni station to Bandhavgarh and back is also taken care of

The schedule looks like this:

Day 01: On arrival at Katni station transfer to Bandhavgarh. Arrive at the cottages for lunch. Check in, freshen up etc.

After lunch, visit the nearby village for a trail. You can go cycling in the village too. A picnic is arranged near a stream during tea time. Relax, Refresh. In the evening, an open air Bonfire will be organized along with an early dinner.

Day 02: At 6:00 am, gather for the Safari in the Bandhavgarh National Park to spot the wildlife. Reach the Resort and have breakfast. Freshen up, enjoy some leisurely time. Have lunch and then proceed for the next Safari. Come back, relax, have an early dinner.

Day 03: Rise up early for the final safari at 6:15 am. Come back and have a heavy breakfast. Pack your bags and leave for Katni/Jabalbur station/airport.

Trip dates: 29th April - 1st May

Trip price: Rs 11,800 (per adult)

Rs 8,800 (children below 12 years)

Awesome Foursome Offer: Booking for a group of 4 adults will get you a Rs 4000 discount on your Total Trip Price

Trip price include: Travel to Bandhavgarh from Katni/ Jabalpur,3 Safaris, Meals, Activities as mentioned

Who Oye?

The Blueberry Trails is an experiential travel company, where travel is more about the experience than the destination! But that doesnt make the locations of the trails any less kick-ass! They arrange trips for small groups of people or individuals, to places closer to home or as far away that you want to go.

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