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Basic Course in Photography

Girish Menon

Learn the nuances that go into the making of a photo. A basic…

97 wishlists

@ Location of…

| Potpourri

Hand and Wheel Pottery

Kindles Pottery Classes

Give wings to your fascination towards pottery. Lend shape and…

65 wishlists

@ Kandivali (E)

| Potpourri

Ceramics and Pottery…

Studio Pottery

Get acquainted with the craft as old as our civilization. Express…

199 wishlists

@ Santa Cruz (W)

| Potpourri

Rubik's Cube Workshop

Denil Vira

43 quintillion different possible configurations and only one…

84 wishlists

@ Location of…

| Potpourri

Art Workshop

Ankita Bansal

Kindle the Picasso and the Van Gogh in you. Create a painting…

86 wishlists

@ Andheri East

| Potpourri

Mixed Martial Arts

Fighting Fit

Dabble in the diverse world of fitness with Mixed Martial arts.…

16 wishlists

@ Juhu

| Potpourri

Calligraphy - The Gothic…

Calligraphers Ink

Let words speak aloud! Let them define you! Let them create…

13 wishlists

@ Location of…

| Potpourri

Power Yoga

Arts in Motion

Complete workout for your body, mind and spirit. Power Yoga!

22 wishlists

@ Sion

| Potpourri

French Flower Beading

Susan Alex

Learn the exquisite but simple art of French Flower bead and…

26 wishlists

@ Andheri

| Potpourri

Interactive Advanced…

Calligraphers Ink

Want to explore a melange of things that you can do with Calligraphy!…

14 wishlists

@ Location of…

| Potpourri

Rangoli Classes

Shweta Creations

Be it festive season or marked event, spread good wishes with…

164 wishlists

@ Mulund (W)

| Potpourri

Garden in a Bottle!

Under The Tree

The Terrarium and Mini Landscape Workshop!

226 wishlists

@ Khar (W)

| Potpourri

Potpourri in Mumbai

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