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We All Scream For Ice Cream!!

By on November 22, 2012

When Baskin Burtons and Irvine Robbins came up with the concept of retailing ice cream, they had hit upon the idea of commercializing on a weakness universal to all, the ice cream. This cold dessert has been a favourite with people transcending barriers of age and class. The cold delight coupled with the smooth texture of an ice cream is what makes it endearing to any foodie. Today the ice cream menus at eating joints and parlours boast of a repertoire of ice creams with various mix-and- match toppings. In fact we have come a long way from the ancient Persians who used to pour grape juice concentrate on frozen snow. Chocolate, nuts, fruit titbits, strawberry sauce, honey, cookie crumbles have added to the allure of its irresistible nature and have spawned a whole new generation of ice cream lovers who swear by the dessert on holidays and weekdays alike.

Being a favourite dessert, home makers have found it to be the perfect way to top off a meal and the fad of ice cream making at home has really caught on. Home made ice cream recipes have found their due in various dessert cookery books.  Don’t all of us remember the time when festival days or guests for dinner warranted ice cream recipes patiently waiting in the freezer. And at the end of every meal anxiously waiting for mom to thaw the ice cream and garnish it with various colourful and sweet garnishing that made the dessert border on heavenly. Ice cream making at home today has caught on with the crowd.

There is a plethora of ice cream recipes for ice cream lovers. The warm sugary and fried bananas taste really good with the cold ice-cream. Definitely a treat in hot summer days!  Ice cream recipes offer a great way to use seasonal fruits like pineapples. It is a great accompaniment on a hot humid day! Mango Falooda ice cream is another home made ice cream recipes that uses the King of fruits abundantly and you can’t get enough of it. Diced Litchis added to vanilla with a sprinkling of honey is another delicious ice cream recipe for the hot summer. In fact home made Ice cream recipes today have taken the condensed milk out of the equation and have advocated the use of honey for a richer and thicker texture.

The greatest joy of making ice cream at home is the ability to customize. The young ones may have a penchant for chocolate shavings and strawberry sauce. The elders would have a weakness for fruit and nut toppings. It’s your chance of being creative with ice cream. The joys in ice creams made-at-home is the fresh and off the blocks taste along with the customized add on that make for a gastronomic treat. Ice cream lovers throughout the world would agree to the fact that it is the “coup-de –grace” after any meal. After all, “an ice cream a day keeps your sweet tooth at bay”.

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