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Parathas Of India

By on November 22, 2012

Paratha is one of the most common items in Indian recipes for breakfast. Also known as parantha and parauntha, it is homemade flat bread made of dough of maida and wheat flour. Like Indian cuisine, in Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Bengali culinary tradition as well the Paratha is used frequently. Although made with dough and fried in oil or ghee, different types of Paratha are also prepared with different vegetables and minced meat. In fact this stuffing in Paratha varies with provincial preference which is surprisingly in tune with Indian tradition of “unity in diversity”.

Known as one of the most yummy and easy breakfast recipes, different types of Paratha can be served in different ways. In Bengal, Paratha is served with curry and dal where there is convention to have different types of parathas with butter and pickles. Sometimes homemade chutney is also served with Parathas. Convention of serving Paratha with yogurt and tea is also common in India in some communities.

Generally different types of parathas are made in different shapes. It is made in typical triangle shape although hexagonal, round, oval, and square shaped Parathas are also made. Such easy breakfast recipes have become an indispensible part of Indian cuisines. The culinary experiments of chefs and Indian cooks have invented different types of Parathas like Aloo Paratha, Mooli Paratha, Lachha Paratha, Moghlai Paratha, etc. The best part of this breakfast staple food is its versatile mingling in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu.

Some different types of Parathas are:

  • Aloo Paratha: Boiled and sautéed potatoes are used as stuffing.
  • Mooli Paratha: Here radish is used as the stuffing element, similarly carrot, cauliflower, onion, and cabbage can also be used as the stuffing ingredients for parathas.
  • Lachcha Paratha: Although it is widely eaten all over India, it originated in Punjab and is prepared in round shape. This type of paratha is fried with ghee and is often served with yoghurt or curry.
  • Moghlai Paratha: It is stuffed with fried omelet. Multilayered type, this type of paratha is served with curry and sometimes with yogurt: it is one of the most popular Indian breakfast recipes.
  • In addition to these, hundreds of paratha variants are found like mutton Paratha, egg Paratha, dal Paratha, chana paratha, etc.

Paratha history:

Paratha is one of the most commonly eaten recipes found in India.  It originated in Pakistan as a shallow fried version of puri and then gradually became well known in the neighboring country, India. What was a side dish in Pakistani cuisine got easily incorporated in breakfast menu. In Delhi, Chandni Chawk area is quite famous for a street with several small, roadside eateries which have been serving different types of parathas for  decades; foodies can enjoy innumerable varieties of delicious parathas here.

 Trivia of Paratha:

Paratha was in culinary convention during the Indian Vedic Age: in Sanskrit language it was called ‘Pu-ro-dhaa-sham’. It was a regular ritual to offer it to Agni, the fire god during Yagna .

In south India, Paratha is called parotta: although South Indian cuisine is distinctly different from north Indian cuisine, in case of Paratha, surprisingly, it is same.

Paratha is also served as a side dish with savory dishes as well as desserts.

In Delhi there is Parathe wali gali: that defines its astounding popularity as one of the many easy breakfast recipes.

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