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Stay At Home Yet Stay In Shape!

By on November 19, 2012

Remember the good ol’ days when cardio vascular was just an obscure term in the dictionary and words like “Working out” and “Aerobic lessons” were the pastimes of a handful of people with money and time to spare. Well that’s a thing of the past. Today with the burgeoning amount of tension, unhealthy lifestyle coupled with unhealthy food habits, working out is more of a norm than an exception. Any Doctor would advise you on a workout session everyday to cut the flab and keep your heart healthy. Especially for people with sedentary lifestyles including the people who are desk bound as well as home makers, regular everyday exercise is something which has become a pressing concern.

With the paucity of available free time and facilities for gymming or a chance to hit the outdoors, aerobics at home or exercises at home is a novel way to keep in health and shape. After all, regular cardio exercise has been shown to reduce body fat, decrease total cholesterol, boost mood, lower resting heart rate, and improve heart and lung function. It’s almost like a magic “health” pill sans the expensive medical bills to follow. Exercises at home don’t have to be back-breaking. And they need no investment at all. Below are some helpful links that could give you a heads up about what exercises at home is all about

1. is a 10 minute cardio exercise  and ‘aerobics at home’ video

2. another 10 minute ‘aerobics at home’ video

It is quite a revelation for most people that the rhythmic and routine chores that they perform are infact a great way to bolster their fitness levels when done properly and intensely. There are hundreds of “aerobics at home” options out there. The trick is picking a few that you enjoy and then doing them intensely. It is a medically proven fact that high intensity short workouts have a greater effect on long term fat loss than slow boring cardio routines. You could use a host of inexpensive equipment to add variety to your workouts. Mundane household chores can be a wonderful way for an inexpensive and productive aerobics at home; washing the floors vigorously to music, mopping while shaking a leg to some music, using a break to run up and down the stairs while keeping count, washing laundry etc. Doing a few squats when on your haunches during gardening, or simply doing crunches while in bed reading a book. All these small home workouts are a miracle cure for the spare tyre around your waist.

What’s more is that these small 10 minute exercises at home done timely would be highly beneficial to your cardio vascular system. No need to gulp down medicines with formidable sounding names or invest half your savings on a treadmill. Doing a few minute exercises at home or simply devising a way of exercising while doing mundane chores is a great way to use time not only in a healthy but in a productive way too. You could add a medicine ball to your collection while you perform aerobics at home, which could liven up the workout sessions.

Some videos to jazz up your exercise at home.

1. P90X

2. Insanity

3. Chilean Extreme

4. Cardio Blast with Coach Nicole

5. Hip Hop Hustle

6. Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred

7. The Biggest Loser workouts

So whether a busy executive or a housewife, everyone can be a part of the fitness bandwagon and try out novel ways of staying fit even at home. After all being active is a cornerstone to living a long, healthy life

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