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7 Best Spas Of Mumbai

By on November 16, 2012

The concept of spas evolved in the modern society to provide refreshment, nourishment and a break from the daily dreary life to people.

Life in Mumbai is very busy and fast which forces people to compromise with their health to keep pace with the city which never stops. In such a scenario the importance of spas increases manifold. In this article I have listed down 7 best spas in Mumbai.

Quan spa – This spa is a part of J.W. Marriot hotel and is one of best spas in Asia as well as one of the best spas in Mumbai. It had won the Asia’s spas “new spa of the year award” in 2006. It is one of the best spas in Mumbai and a place where one can indulge and pamper himself. The spa provides four types of body treatments and these are rejuvenating, detoxifying, and at the same time very enhancing. Now this is what you call an Indian style massage.

Tahaa spa – A three room establishment offering wide range of treatments like manicures, pedicures and body massage, this spa is very affordable and one of the best spas in Mumbai for the general masses. Its main emphasis lies in the technique and providing satisfaction to its customers.

Palms spa – This spa provides all the body nourishments comparable to some of the best spas in Mumbai. The location of this spa attracts mainly the tourists visiting the place and is also famous for providing the best herbal Detox massage, the classic Thai massage, the famous Balinese massage, treatment and sport’s tissue massage.

Aura Thai spa – The Thai ambience created in this spa is very much in line with the type of treatments that is provided to their customers. All the masseuses are trained and are certified from the Thai ministry of health and education.

Antara spa – One of the luxury day spas in Mumbai it provides all the necessary polishing and body massages to the general public at an affordable price.

Myrah spa – The spa with the Mediterranean inspired decorations is one of the popular spas in Mumbai. They derive all of their therapies from different cultures and their personal attention to their customers makes it stand out from all the other spas in Mumbai. Suites for couples are also available which creates an essence of love in this spa.

Rudra spa and saloon – one of the best spas in Mumbai in terms of its ambience, serenity and the body treatments, Rudra spa is a compulsion for a visit for all the spa addicts. It provides a wide range of treatments like Tibetan, Hawaiian and Ayurvedic body massages.

So here you go, for all you “spa-o-holics”, here is the Craig’s List for you to get yourself pampered in the city and spas of Mumbai.

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