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Paragliding Near Mumbai

By on November 16, 2012

When Mohammed Ali in his usual cocky self said “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, he alluded to his agility and sure footedness. But if one really wants a “float- like- a- butterfly- hover- like- a- bee” experience, then the adventure sport of Paragliding is the answer. An adrenaline rush coupled with the feeling of weightlessness as you jump off is a perfect experience for any thrill seeker. The paragliding experience is a great way to explore the blue expanse and the subtle nuances of flying sans GPS, sans an engine, sans anything man made except the canopy and the harness. It has forever been a dream for man to be at one with the wind, like their feathered friends, and Paragliding comes really close to fulfilling that desire.

World War II movies portrayed the risky and “on the edge” action packed lives of Paratroopers. And after the end of the war, paragliding has become a very popular adventure sport. An erstwhile bastion of Paratroopers and Air force men, today a host of instructor schools and academies have sprung up throughout the country offering paragliding courses and joyrides for tourists. Unlike other adventure sports Paragliding requires very little investment and equipment. A safety helmet, a non porous canopy (about the cost of a bike) and safety harness are all that one needs. At the price of a good bike you could be jumping off cliffs and soaring up with the clouds. For one time thrill seeking tourists, it comes in a range of affordable packages varying from 500 INR-3000INR.

The argumentative Indian now has morphed into the adventurous Indian and has eagerly taken to adventure sports in the past few years. A demand for Paragliding in India, especially the demand for Paragliding in Mumbai led to a number of Paragliding schools, locations and courses being set up so that residents from Mumbai can escape from their busy lives and explore the beautiful word of paragliding in Mumbai itself. However as the Mumbai metropolitan region has hardly any open spaces or availability of cliffs suitable for paragliding, paragliding near Mumbai is conducted primarily in the nearby areas of Virar and Kamshet.

Virar is pretty near to the Mumbai metropolitan region and is the  northern-most railway station on the Western Line of Mumbai Suburban Railway and hence is very approachable as well either by train or road. Space Apple is the agency offering various paragliding options in Virar and offers basic, intermediate and advanced courses in paragliding. This club offers hill flying as well as winch based flights.

Kamshet is 110 km from Mumbai city, and 85 km from Pune. It is 11 km from the twin-hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala, and is accessible by road and rail from Mumbai and Pune. Nirvaana Adventures (near Kamshet), Indus flying club (near Kamshet) provide certification courses in paragliding, joy rides and also provide tailor made packages for individual needs of paragliding near Mumbai. also facilitates booking of Tandem and solo paragliding near Mumbai with tie ups with various certified paragliding schools listed above and for booking paragliding rides please click here. Paragliding near Mumbai has been quite popular for denizens of the city, but places like Manali and Tawang too have become a flocking place for adventure junkies. The number of options dished out for a net search of Paragliding near Mumbai is testament to the fact that it has caught on with the uber busy city folk


For seasoned Para gliders and people who have done it, it is a unanimous utterance that the feeling of serenity and calm in the air soaring near the ridges is quite unparalleled. In India paragliding packages comes tailor made for veterans and tourists alike. Ridge soaring, cross country, thermalling, joyrides both tandem (with instructor on board) and solo have been a raging hit with the enthusiasts. Pushing the limits and flirting a bit with risk while enjoying a quiet moment among the clouds is the name of the game. After all in this adventure sport, the sky is the limit, literally!

The next time someone asks you whether you were in Mumbai for a business or pleasure, tell them it was for adventure. Jazz up your Facebook profile with albums titled Paragliding in Mumbai and watch the comments of your awestruck friends. For the cost of a good bike you could be jumping off the ridges and leaving the humdrum terra firma behind. After all,

Why walk when you can run!!

Why drive when you can fly!!


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