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Kolad River Rafting

By on January 17, 2013

Originating from the Sahyadris, the 14km stretch of pristine white waters that is Kolad/Kundalika, situated unbelievably close to Mumbai and Pune, is a wonderland for adventure lovers. The waters of Kolad are a test of courage and the sheer thrill of dominating the rampaging waters is an experience beyond words. Though operational from Jan-Dec, Kolad river rafting in monsoon is a unique treat! For those who don’t enjoy a bout of lashing tropical torrents, the low humidity and temperate climate from Oct-Feb make it the best time to visit Kolad. Apart from the adrenaline-pumping water sports, the secluded river trail camps offer the perfect getaway from a mundane lifestyle, leaving you invigorated and intoxicated with all that the nature has to offer.

What activities does the trip include?

The surging waters open up avenues for excellent water sports including rowing, kayaking, rafting, camping, river crossing, rappelling etc while the river trail camps offer eco adventures such as mountain biking, trekking, camping, hiking that includes sightseeing and opportunities for barbeque and cookouts. The holidays entail sightseeing of the picturesque groves, forts and waterfalls that dot the banks of the meandering Kundalika River. If you are on a long holiday, we urge you to visit the nearby white-sand beaches and the ancient caves and forts; the changeless testimony of a bygone era. While residing at a city as close as Mumbai or Pune, you should never miss out on the opportunity to go Kolad river rafting, where nature reveals its beauty slowly unveiling misty shroud of early-morning. Kolad river rafting is a challenge for those with an indomitable spirit and the 90 minute rollercoaster ride on the waters of Kundalika is enough to whet your appetite for a frenzied adventure among the many grade II and grade III rapids! When you emerge from an unbelievable foray into the wild waters, Kolad river rafting leaves you wanting for more; a long-lasting taste for adrenaline-pumping adventure owing to a dalliance with the elements of nature. The demurely rippling cold waters at the end of the trip invite the exhausted rafter for an invigorating dip and if your guide permits, you could go for a swim in the pristine waters. This goes without mentioning that asthma and heart-patients and pregnant ladies are advised not to embark upon this expedition.

How to reach?

Owing to its convenient location, Kolad is easily accessible by car or bus from either Mumbai or Pune. A 2hr drive into the tiny picturesque hamlet among scenic greens.If you are driving to the location from Mumbai take the NH 17 Goa Highway road till Kolad. If travelling by rail, the nearest railhead Roha is just 9 kms away from the river trails.

Where to stay?

Numerous hotels, resorts, campsites and farms have risen up on the banks of the snaking Kolad devoted towards making your stay comfortable and enjoyable beyond measure. The hospitality charges range from Rs. 1000 to 3000 per head varying with the location, no of days and the no of people.

What to wear? 

T-Shirts and Shorts for rafting are most recommended while participating in Kundalika river rafting. Track pants should also be fine. Salwar- kameez, sarees are a strict no. Sport shoes (will get wet) or floaters (recommended) as foot wear and of course a change of dry clothes and a towel. Spectacles are best avoided. If unavoidable, should be supported by a strap.  Please avoid jewellery, cash, wrist-watch, expensive mobiles and camera. You may decide to entrust the same with driver (if applicable). River Guide is not expected to take care of your belongings.

What activities are offered for kids?

Kids (up to the age of 5) can have a fun-filled holiday experience with trampolines, cart-rides, clay workshops and other farmyard activities. Children below 12 are allowed all eco-activities except the water sports. But they can treat themselves to family canoeing, swimming and boating under the supervision of the adventure-guides. While children above 12 are allowed all adventures, Kolad river rafting is specifically withheld for people over the age of 15.

What to carry?

We would advise you to keep your luggage light with personal toiletries, loose t-shirts, shorts and slacks(even for the ladies), torches, raincoats and windcheaters, sports shoes, personal medicines and a small haversack to carry items on camping trips. We would strongly dissuade you to wear heavy jeans, salwar-kameez and saree and carry jewellery with you.

What does the trip cost?

The cost includes charges for Kolad river rafting, hiring rafting equipments like paddles, helmets, life-jacket and licensed professionals to guide you on the river rafting excursion. If interested solely in river-rafting, the cost amounts to Rs 1350 during weekends and Rs. 775 during weekdays. Hospitality charges for staying at a nearby campsite or camping out and transportation are excluded from the cost of river-rafting.

How to book tickets?

Interested adventurers can book tickets for Kolad River rafting through  by clicking here and enquire further into the details about the trip at +91-9930699290

We wish you a weekend of thrilling adventure at Kolad. Brace yourself as you rise up against the raging cold waters and enjoy the rush as adrenalin courses through your veins giving you the ultimate adventure experience and leaving you with a longing desire to come back for more!

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