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Evolution Of Upma

By on November 16, 2012

Try to start a discussion around Indian breakfast recipes, and surely one Indian breakfast recipe which would be surely discussed is Upma!.  Although Upma originated from South India which is hard to miss due to its coconut oil aroma and the distinct  flavor of curry leaves, its now equally famous in other parts of India as well as one of the most tasty and easy Indian recipes for breakfast. Commonly, it is served as a porridge type hot breakfast. The taste of Upma can be described as blunt which in turn has given culinary enthusiasts unique scope of experimenting with Upma with different types of ingredients which has led to different varieties of Upma being served across India .It is also due to the fact that the preparation of Upma can be easily adapted according to local flavors coupled with the fact that preparation is time is comparatively less . Hence its no secret that its  one of the most easy  Indian breakfast recipes. We will now try to explore evolution of Upma & different Upma preparations as well and also compare it to its native variety.

Originally, Upma is one among the various cereal based easy breakfast recipes bearing a Tamil origin and traditionally made from rava, a special type of grain. Conventionally, it is also made from coarsely grounded wheat called semolina, rice grain, soji, semolina vermicelli, cous-cous, poha[flattened rice], and quinoa, etc. Also known as Upittu, conventional type of upma is made of rice grain, soji, and cream of wheat. It’s considered to be a bit spicy as it is cooked with chili, onion, carrot, beans, nuts, and different spices for maintaining its savory. Upma is one those Indian breakfast recipes, which balances taste and nutrition to the fullest and hence it is ideally suitable for consumption of both children and adults. For its light base, upma is offered to patients also.

Different ingredients are added during preparation of upma, as per cooking style, which can change its taste considerably. For example, in Tamil cuisine, coconut is added with upma alongwith onions whereas in some places upma is cooked with oil, butter, and chili, and tamarind. In some north Indian restaurants & homes instead of curry leaves,  coriander leaves are also  used for adding a different flavor to  this snack.

Different types of Upma

Across India different types of upma are available for consumption. Some of the popular varieties are:

Masala Upma– Primarily prepared as integral parat of Andhra cuisine, its one of the most easy breakfast recipes;  its main ingredients are mustard powder, black gram dal, and green fresh chilies. Masala Upma can be cooked within a time frame of 30 minutes and is hence a popular option among Indian recipes for breakfast.  The dish tastes great; it  is generally served with potato chips or the usual other mixtures.

Oats Upma– Besides containing vegetable and dal, in this variety the base of upma is made of oats. One of the easiest Indian breakfast recipes it can be cooked in a 15 min time span.

Gothambu Upma-This type of upma is primarily prepared in Kerala. Instead of adding tamarind, cooks prefer to add freshly grated coconut to it. This dish is preferred by foreign tourists as well and they consider it as one of the most healthy Indian recipes for breakfast.

Cracked wheat upma– The base of this variety of upma is made with cracked wheat. Lots of vegetables are also added in this upma preparation.

Now whenever you have upma in your table, remember its evolution; you will feel the great Indian spirit in Upma-unity in diversity!

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