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Aerobic Exercise: The Secret To Healthy Living

By on November 16, 2012

Aerobic Exercise is the latest USP for healthy living and maintaining perfect curves. These exercises improve stamina and help one to remain fit even with growing age. Someone has rightly said “When doing aerobic exercise go at a pace until you have developed more stamina”. In the following paragraphs of this article, we will discuss in detail about this form of exercise.

Mechanism of Aerobic exercise:

In Aerobic exercises, there is uniform oxygen consumption by muscles and other tissues of body that facilitates the dissipation of extra calories in a sustained and controlled way. It aims at improving flexibility and cardiovascular and muscular strength.

What does Aerobic exercise involve?

  • It involves an initial warming up period that includes stretching.
  • The warming-up period is followed by moderate or intense exercise for about 20-30 minutes.
  • This is then followed by a cooling down period which marks the end of your exercise session. This is done to allow your heart rate to settle down. It involves performing some slowing-down exercises that may be equivalent to the exercise of warming up period.

Aerobic exercise Versus Anaerobic exercise:

Anaerobic exercise is a series of workout where you get out of breath in just a few seconds; like when you lift weights, or climb stairs. It involves no oxygen consumption. On the contrary, Aerobic exercise is a work- out process where oxygen consumption is uniform and controlled for total rejuvenation of muscles and energy level.

How much dedicated time do you need to get the benefit from Aerobic exercise?

Adults must go for two sessions of moderate or intense exercise where each session must continue for 25-20 minutes; for example, one can undertake 15 minutes of intense exercise in morning followed by  15 minutes of exercise  in the evening. Kids go for aerobics in a much entertaining way, while playing, cycling, dancing, running etc.

Benefits of Aerobic exercises:

  • It helps in strengthening cardiovascular system.
  • It increases muscle tone.
  • It helps in reducing blood pressure.
  • It improves the respiration process.
  • It helps in reducing depression as these kinds of exercises release endorphins and adrenaline

that have a mood uplifting effect and thus lessen stress and depression.

  • Prevention of bone weakness.
  • Delayed aging if undertaken on a continuous basis.
  • This type of exercise is generally beneficial for pregnant women as it facilitates normal labor.

Drawbacks of Aerobic exercise:

It neglects upper body muscular strength.

It does not increase the basal metabolic rate, which is the amount of energy expended when the body is at rest. Thus it is less effective for weight loss process.

There is some risk of appetite suppression


You must start a healthy living and high thinking by performing the various aerobic exercises. Remember, “All great thoughts erupt while exercising”. So, have your early morning exercise and remain blessed for the whole day.

Stay Fit and Live Healthy…!!


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